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Unique Confections is the creation of Chef Andrew Marsh (Associate of Baking and Pastry Arts, Culinary Institute of America, 2008). The shop in Norman, OK, realized a dream that began more than a decade ago. Unique Confections offers a tantalizing array of handcrafted chocolates and other sweets that are available “over the counter” or as items prepared especially for all kinds of events or celebrations. But Andrew’s dream was not realized overnight, and actually traces it history back to 2001, in the dark days after 9-11.

After graduating from Norman High School in May 2001, Andrew went to spend a year in Grenoble, France, on the Rotary International program that hosts international students locally and sends our local students abroad. He had barely arrived in Grenoble when 9-11 struck, and his family almost urged him to return home to the safety of the United States. But the wisdom and experience of Jackie Williams, local supervisor of the Rotary exchange program, prevailed, and at her urging Andrew remained in Grenoble for the year. There, he was exposed to exquisite food preparation in the kitchen of one of his host-mothers, Mdm. Michillene Trilling. Andrew had always enjoyed trying his hand at cooking at home while growing up, but the experience with Michillene Trilling turned his thoughts toward seriously including “food” in his career plans.

Upon returning to Oklahoma, Andrew enrolled at OSU, taking classes in Hotel and Restaurant Management for a couple of years (while also playing on the OSU rugby team, using other skills he had learned in France). But after a third year at OSU, and working in several local restaurants in Stillwater, he decided to take the leap and become a Chef. He moved to Hyde Park, New York, where he was accepted to the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. After completing all basic courses to be a generalized chef, he ultimately specialized in Baking and Pastry Arts, earning his degree from the CIA as a chef in that area in November 2008.

After graduation from the CIA, Andrew spent two years experimenting with and perfecting his own unique recipes for confections of all kinds, working in his home kitchen to produce new combinations of chocolates and herbs he grew in his own garden. Lemon mint chocolate, for example, offers a truly “unique” experience, as do his combinations of dark chocolates and coffee beans. And while Unique Confections offers a wide range of goodies, Andrew confesses that chocolate is his true love. For him, chocolates of all kinds, from very dark chocolates, to milk chocolate, to white chocolate, offer a medium that is art as well as food.

At Unique Confections, Chef Andrew Marsh now offers his new combinations, as well as tried-and-true favorites, to the public. If you visit his shop, you will find a counter well stocked with every imaginable kind of confection for you or your event, and Andrew will be behind the counter or in the kitchen making chocolates and other goodies on the spot. He is always happy to stop to chat with you about the details or the science behind his chocolates or any of the items that are offered.

P.S. We are in a strip mall on the South Side of Constitution -- Just west of Classen, and just east of the railroad tracks. Look for our yellow sign!