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Favors for your wedding guests

Box of 2 handmade truffles:

Choose from more than 16 kinds packaged  and decorated with your color scheme. For information about pricing please contact the shop.

Handmade Toffee:

A taste (approx. 1.5 oz.) of handmade toffee. Choose dark, milk  or white chocolate coating, packaged in bags or boxes decorated with your color scheme; please stop by or contact the shop for pricing.

Gifts for the wedding party and special guests

Handmade truffles:

Prepared in Boxes of 6, 10, or 16; for pricing please contact the shop.

Custom gift assortments  (including a Honeymoon Package for the Bride and Groom )

Platters for the engagement party, rehearsal dinner and reception

Handmade Truffles:

Platters come in sizes of 50, 100, or 200; contact our shop for pricing information.

Treats for a Candy Buffet Bar:

Hard Candy (choose from more than 15 flavors): $9 per pound
Handmade Toffee: $20 per pound
Spicy Cinnamon Almonds: $20 per pound